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The Dniester Moldavian Republic is a small strip of land in between Moldova and Ukraine. Dniesterians have been trying to separate from Moldova since 1989, either by forming their own state or by joining Russia. They are not recognized by other…

The Gagauz people are an Orthodox Turkic people mostly living in Moldova. Originally living in Bulgaria, they were given incentives to re-settle to Moldova by the Russians following the Russo-Turkish wars in order to settle an under-cultivated…

This is a table equating groups of roman characters and cyrillic characters. In the 1920's, the Soviet Union attempted to unify Bessarabia (a region of Romania that used to be a part of the kingdom of Moldavia before the Ottoman Empire) and the…

As the Soviet Union began its collapse, Moldova declared independence. Moldovan nationalists were giddy with freedom and proposed making Moldovan the national language. There was even talk of re-uniting with Romania. These changes did not sit well…

In the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812, Imperial Russia annexed Bessarabia (formerly known as the Republic of Moldavia) from the Ottoman Empire. After noticing the weakening of the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire began encroaching on Bessarabia (or…
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