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This portrait was one of many featured in The Blokadnitsy Project, a photo exhibit put on in CGIS South this past fall semester. The Blokadnitsy Project aimed to document the experiences of those women who survived the Siege of Leningrad in WWII.…

Cassius Marcellus Clay served as minister to Russia for two terms: first from July 14, 1861 to June 25, 1862, and again from May 7, 1863 to October 1, 1869. His tenure as minister was marked by a successful alignment of Russia with American…

During the mid-1850s, the events of the Crimean War expanded what had been minimal interaction between the United States and Russia. Although the United States remained neutral during the war, the question of shipping neutrality first raised…

South Ossetia is an autonomous republic in Georgia that declared independence in 2008. Only a few countries – in particular, Russia, which maintains a military presence in South Ossetia – recognize its independence.

Heavy fighting broke out…

The figure of False Dmitrii I is, possibly, among the greatest mysteries of Russian history. His story is inherently related to the history of Russian-Polish struggle. False Dmitrii I, a pretender, who claimed to be the son of Ivan IV the Terrible,…

As the Soviet Union began its collapse, Moldova declared independence. Moldovan nationalists were giddy with freedom and proposed making Moldovan the national language. There was even talk of re-uniting with Romania. These changes did not sit well…
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